We deal with FDA approved products and hence we need to follow the guidelines stringently mentioned by WHO and FDA.  We need to adhere to the legal terms of FDA to keep the authentication of our site and keep on building a trusted relationship with our customers.  All our products are shielded by patent laws and intellectual property rights. We do not deal with duplications. Our terms and conditions are

  • Our products are only sold to customers above the age of 18 years.
  • We only take orders online and sell the products at a cost-effective price as we do not have any middlemen involved.
  • We refund the entire amount only if the fault is from our side in case we are not faulty then cancellation charges will be deducted from you.
  • We also give offers which change every time and the same offer may not continue in your next purchase.
  • We refund the entire price amount if it the product is damaged or torn but if the product is soiled or damaged by the customer mishandling we do not take back our products or refund the money.
  • We do not guarantee the efficacy of the medicine as it varies from every individual we also do not hold any responsibility for the side-effects occurred because of the use of our medicines.  The medicines and their guidelines are for information and do not stand as an alternative to a doctor’s diagnosis.
  • Anyone found involved in any type of misusing our publications, altering our production, distribution, licensing of our information from our website will be considered as illegal and will be subject to the law.