- Privacy Policy

1. Being 24*7 accessible famous online medical store we just concentrate on the quality of our medicine. Stop concerning because we only deliver products scrutinized under FDA and WHO examination in the correct strengths that are 100 percent hazard free for your ingestion.

2. We often give notice of our alluring offers on our web page. Just you have to put in the code while placing of an order and take a note of the thing that there is no cheat happen while we do this.

3. We give our 100 percent while protecting your personal information.  All our systems are sheltered with adding anti-viruses and there is no probability of anyone to scam with it. Your very crucial details might be handled by only those people who actually have to to know. We don’t at all disclose your card information to any employees. There is no means to reveal the information with any other people or family members at all.

4. Data may be revealed if compulsory according to HIPAA rules.

5. We do not ask for any prescription for medicament that we have put for sale at our online store. But to be on safer side please confirm that you are ordering meds as instructed by your medical advisor.