Generic valtrex- The anti-viral drug for treating your herpes

Generic valtrex is the medicine which belongs to the class of medicines known as antiviral. It is one of the medicines used for the treatment of viral infection which affects your skin known as shingles (herpes zoster). This medicine is also used for treating cold sores and prevents you from the recurrences of genital herpes. This medicine clearly works so that it can help you by stopping the growth of the virus. This medicine is FDA approved and hence people buy generic valtrex for the treatment.

Small children have cold sores and this are caused due to herpes simplex whereas adults have herpes zoster and both this can be treated with the help of generic valtrex. This medicine contains valacyclovir as the main element and this element helps you in treating herpes. This medicine is available in different brands and forms and hence you can use the brands only if it prescribed to you. This valacyclovir pill helps you to reduce the future episodes if this medicine is been used at the initial stage.

Do not seek for the herpes treatment online if you have the following conditions:

  • People with a weak immune system, kidney disorder, transplant of kidney and bone marrow transplant should stay away from the use of this valacyclovir pills.
  • Patients who are recommended with this pill if are allergic to any of the ingredient of this medicine then should inform the health care provider prior.
  • It is not completely known whether this medicine pass to the infant or not hence if you are using this valacyclovir pill for treatment then make sure you consult a doctor once.
  • Women are suggested that they do inform the doctor if they are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant before this medicine is prescribed for use.

Use of generic valtrex can result in some of the side effects:

Mild side effects do not have any negative impact they last for some time and then vanish away. The mild effects of this valacyclovir pill are stomach pain, headache, nausea, and dizziness.

 The serious and rare side effects may require a treatment if they get worse and the symptoms that you can notice are agitation, hallucination, trouble breathing and seizure.

Also, some of the people may develop an allergy towards valacyclovir pill and they may experience the symptoms like rashes, swelling of the face, severe dizziness and trouble breathing which may require a treatment under the supervision of the health care expert if they turn worse.


This pill should be consumed with a glass of water and before you use any dose make sure that you seek an appropriate dose which helps you treat your disorder. Use of this valacyclovir pill daily can reduce the risk of passing genital herpes to your partner. Also, you are suggested that you do use contraceptives so that this disorder is not been passed to your partner. Generic valtrex online interact with medicines like foscarnet, zoster vaccine, tenofovir, and many other medicines hence do not use any of the pills that interact and result in side effects. Change of dose or stopping the dose of generic valtrex should be done only under the supervision of the health care expert.

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