Generic latisse- Quick and easy way for locking impressive eyelashes growth

Generic latisse contains bimatoprost solution in it as an active ingredient and this is the ingredient which helps you treat the disorder. This is one of the best solutions used for the treatment for glaucoma and hypotrichosis. This is the medicine that you can use without any issue for the treatment.


Glaucoma is a condition which affects your eyes and when this condition arises the pressure is created on the eyes and this leads to the flow of the fluids from the eyes. This eye solution is used as the best treatment and to treat it you need to instill one drop of the generic latisse on regular basis and this will help to reduce the pressure on the eyes. Once you instill a drop then make sure that you do press the corner of the eyes so that you can make the excess of the fluid flow from the eyes and glaucoma can be treated.


Hypotrichosis or inadequate eyelashes are the ones which have an effect on your eyelashes. This condition directly affects the length and the thickness of your eyelashes and hence to treat it you need to apply this eye serum with the help of an applicator. While you are applying it make sure that you do not use this medicine on the lower eyelid.

Conditions for using medicine:

Though generic latisse is the best medicine those who have medical issues related to macular edema, uveitis, iritis and who have prior eye surgery should stay away from the use of this eye solution. This bimatoprost solution is not suggested to the patients those who are allergic to the components of the medicine. If you are planning to get pregnant or are pregnant then you need to use this solution only if it is clearly prescribed to you. Breastfeeding mothers are suggested that they do use this medicine only after seeking an advice from the healthcare expert.

After effects:

After you use generic Latisse you can have side effects like dizziness, drowsiness, headache, discomfort and mild burning. The other rare and serious side effects that you can notice are swelling and itching around the eyes, blurred vision, discharge from the eyes, oozing of the eyes and increased sensitivity towards sunlight. Any of the side effects if get worse then you need to seek a medical help for treatment.


If you use contact lenses then you need to remove the lenses first and then use this eye solution for treatment. You need to be sure that you do buy generic latisse only after confirming that you do not use the medicine that contains latisse in it. The spilling of the eye serum on the other parts of the body can lead to the unwanted growth of the hair.

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