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So these sleep medication are recommended for only I to 2 days or in some cases it is given till 1 weeks maximum.

How to take the doses of this Zopiclone medication?

This medication is supposed to be taken orally which is available in the tablet form and this is supposed to be taken before going to sleep at night. You should not take this dose if you cannot sleep for at least 7-8 hours as this can make you feel dizzy the next day and you can also suffer from a bit of memory loss and find trouble in doing any work safely and with more alertness. You can buy Zopiclone online if you wish to get an instant relief.

The exact dosage of this medication depends upon the gender age and medical condition of the person and also depends upon the way the person responses to the treatment. Women are prescribed lower doses than men as it takes more time to leave the body in case of women.

For the treatment of insomnia

Adults doses is 5-7.5 mg at bedtime

Older adults 3.75 or may be increased in case if the doctor feels that is up to 5-7.5 at the bedtime.

 What to know before taking this Zopiclone medication?

Sleep medicines when taken and not supported by enough sleep is known to cause amnesia a condition of temporary memory loss. The person forgets everything that has happened between the periods of taking the medicine till the entire medication gets over. Normally it does not happen as the person falls off to sleep as soon as he takes the medication. This medication may cause withdrawal reaction if it is for a long time and ver high doses of this medication are taken. This medication may also cause addiction hence it is recommended to take the exact dosage that is recommended to avoid any problem of addiction and to avoid the problem of withdrawal symptoms it is necessary to first lower the dosage and then stop talking it.

After taking this pill for 1-2 days you can suffer from the problem of insomnia which is normal and this is termed as rebound insomnia. This will be cured only after the medication has started suiting your body. Before you buy online Zopiclone you should consult regarding your dosages.

Allergies of this medication

You need to tell your doctor that you are suffering from the allergic reaction to Zopiclone or previously you suffered from any allergic reaction to his medication. Though a very serious allergic reaction to this drug is rare but you must immediately tell your doctor if you are suffering from the problem of serious allergic reaction that includes rash, itching, or trouble breathing or severe dizziness.

Pediatric uses

The clinical trials of Zopiclone has been practiced only on adults and the effects are not known on children hence it is not suggested for children

Geriatric uses

In older people it is seen to cause confusion, lack of coordination, or frequent falling down the older people are more sensitive to this Zopiclone medication.

Women who are breast feeding

The clinic trials are not adequate to prove whether this medication passing through the breast milk or not or how it effects the infant and the mother, so it is recommended that those women who are taking this medication should make it clear from the doctor about their present condition and the potential risks.

Interactions of this medication

Some of the medicines do not go in conjunction with the other medications as this may alter the effects of the other medications and the current medication may also get effected by the work of the other medication. Zopiclone is also a medication which may get effected by the work of the other medications and may also hinder the work of the other medication so it necessary to let your physician know about any kind of herbal, non-herbal, prescribed or non-prescribed medication that you are using so that you are aware of the possible effects that can have with the medication.

A few of the medication with which Zopiclone can interact and cause possible side-effects are sodium oxybate, bupr enorphine, fentanyl, hydrcodone, morphine, oxymorphone, carbinoxamine, fospropofol, meclizine, morphine sulfate liposome and perampanel.

Interaction of this medication with alcohol and food

This medication may be affected when taken with food so this need s to be taken at least an hour after taking food and this should not be taken along with alcohol or any kinds of drugs or tobacco as this will may interact with the medication.

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